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michalka_ullman's Journal

Alyson and Ricky Fans
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under construction, but feel free to join anyways!

Welcome to michalka_ullman! A community for Alyson Michalka and Ricky Ullman. I'm not really big on rules but just read through the ones I do make.

1.Must be a fan of Ricky and Alyson's..or at least one of the two, thats a given.
2.No fighting. We all are fans here, so keep it clean.
3.Any big pics should be posted under a cut.
4.Stay on topic. You can talk about their cast members, thats fine, but dont go off topic and start talking about someone like Britney Spears.
5.Be active! i want this to be a good community!
6.Try to promote this community, whenever you get the chance.
7.You may promote here but only if you promote this community somewhere else and show proof.

that's basically it. The rules aren't hard to follow right? have fun!

Sister Communities

if you want to be a sister community email me at boisebeautytw@yahoo.com